Writings on Dance

issue 11-12

Thinking Bodies - Summer 1994/95

Papers from a conference entitled 'Thinking bodies: dance, representation, embodiment'. The conference was organised to stimulate a dialogue between artists involved in corporeal practices and philosophers and other academics. 86pp.


Performing Body: Identity - Rosalyn Diprose / Contemplating the Shape of an Egg - Zsuzsanna Soboslay / Performance Session: Articulating the Pedestrian Body - Steve Paxton, Sandra Parker, Anne Thompson, Alison Richards / Postmodern Dance Between Mastery and Pleasure - Libby Dempster / On Moving and Being Moved - Anna Gibbs / I Am God I Was Not God I Am A Clown Of God - Mark Minchinton / Expressive Positions - Sally Gardner / Points of Contact: Philosophies of Movement - Philipa Rothfield

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