Writings on Dance

issue 14

Exploring the New Dance Aesthetic. -Summer 1995/96

This issue identifies and describes a dance aesthetic distinct from ballet, modern dance and the eclecticism of late twentieth century postmodernism. This aesthetic is represented in the research oriented practices of artists informed by ideokinesis, Alexander technique, and various Eastern in-body disciplines. 69pp.


The Sensation is the Image - Lisa Nelson / The Releasing Aesthetic: Joan Skinner interview - Elizabeth Dempster / The Art of Being in Motion: Non Stylised Movement Practice - Helen Poynor / Moving the Moving - Eva Karczag / As Yet Untitled - Eva Karczag / Explorations within the New Dance Aesthetic: Eva Karczag interview - Elizabeth Dempster / Coming Into Parts - Marianne Goldberg / Dialogue with Deborah Hay - Jane Refshauge

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