Writings on Dance

issue 2

Critical Issues - Spring 1987

Discusses the important but sometimes problematic role that documenting, reviewing, and constructing histories plays in the development and understanding of dance practices. 52pp.


Alone and Palely Loitering: The Promise of Parochialism - Elizabeth Dempster / Talking Dance - Rick Mitchell / Documentation, Discourse and Development: The Problem of Recording Dance - Sylvia Staehli / Writing the Past Dance Ideologies - Shelley Lasica / The Literature of Legs: Postmodernism - Jude Walton / Reflections on the State of Art: A Report on the Small Companies Conference, 1987 - Sally Gardner / Photo-documentation: Deborah Hay in Australia - Hellen Sky / Circle the Earth by Anna Halprin: A Ritual of the Spirit of Peace - Sylvia Staehli / Share, Sight, Scenery: Tasmanian Dance Company Reviews by Linda Leah - Sally Gardner / Sight and Vision: Shelley Lasica Review by Susie Fraser / Dances of War and Peace: Circle the Earth: Anna Halprin; About Today: Chris Babinkas Reviews by Elizabeth Dempster



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