Writings on Dance

issue 21

DIY? Ecologies of Practice - 2001/02

Discusses artists' capacity to shape, influence or participate effectively in the public sphere. The issue includes several papers which were first presented at a conference/event in Melbourne, Australia. The papers propose individual interventions, strategies and improvisations between practices at the micro-level and the broader social contexts.


Tapping is something trying to get in - Margaret Trail / An interview with Peter Hulton - David Williams and Ric Allsop / Contact Improvisation -Nancy Stark Smith / DIY? Ecologies of Practice A response - Anne Thompson / Whatever it is: a paper in parts - Mark Minchinton / Dancing with: An interview with Rebecca Hilton - Sally Gardner / Dancing with Russell Dumas: some working notes - Sally Gardner / What is political in dance? - Laurence Louppe



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