Writings on Dance

issue 17

Dance on Screen - 1997/98

Contributors to this issue raise matters to do with the increasing engagement of dance with technology: film, video, telecommunications mediated and internet mediated image projections, virtual reality installations etc. 84pp.


Body Noise: Subtexts of computer and dance - Thecla Schiphorst / Technology in the Performing Arts: Ways of doing, Way of seeing - Sally Jane Norman / Motion Pictures - Erin Brannigan / Comment - Raewyn Whyte / On Film: Russell Dumas interview - Deborah Jowitt / Rituals of the Filmic Body - Jodi Brooks / The Carbon Unit in the Silicon Domain - Susan Kozel / Making Microdance: Trevor Patrick interview - Sally Gardner / Absent, Mutated, Digitalised, Desexed: Posthuman bodies in cyberspace - Dianne Currier / Whose Rights? What rights? Ethical and plitical issues involved in video documentation of live performance - Gay McCauley

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