Writings on Dance

issue 18-19

Constellations of Things - Winter 1999

A collection of articles, interviews, documents, and facsimile reproductions. These reflect, from the perspective of the 1990s, upon the cultural products, processes and possibilities of the 1970s, across a number of art forms in Australia and elsewhere. 204pp.


Minimal Resources: an Interview with Mary Emery and Jill Sykes - Sally Gardner / Dance Exchange: a provisional chronology compiled by Karen Martin / The '70s in the '90s: Warren Burt Interviewed - Elizabeth Dempster / Pages from The New Music Newspaper 1977-78 Editors, Warren Burt and Les Gilbert / Modern Dance in Adelaide and Sydney: An Interview with Jaap Flier - Eleanor Brickhill and Paul McGillick / Minimal Residue: A Millenial conversation with postmoder dance - Alison Richards / The Heritage of the Seventies - Deborah Jowitt / Paper Play - Kenneth Gaburo / John Barbour interviewed - Anne Thompson / Style is a corset: Simone Forti interviewed - Christophe Wavelet / Jennifer Monson in New York talks to Eleanor Brickhill in Sydney via e-mail / 30 March '80: An extract from Judson Days - Robert Ellis Dunn / Statement - Yvonne Rainer / Engineering Calamity: Trisha Brown interviewed by Yvonne Rainer / The Rationales - Chris Mann / What is going on in Post-modern dance? - Sally Gardner



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