Writings on Dance

issue 23

Vibrant Bodies/Complex Systems - 2005/06

Articles by mainly young performers who are participating in, creating or shaping cultural practices.


sistero.sysx.org/mythengine/writingsondance (opens in a new window) - Nancy Mauro-Flude / Extreem spoken word - Esteban David Do Santos / Scenes from another life - Dianne Reid / Gertrude Steins Dr Faustus Lights the Lights at St Martins Youth Theatre: Brett Adam interviewed - Sally Gardener / Words on Skate - David Quirk / Losing weight may be childs play - Gwenda Davey / LaLa -Carla Chianese / The Politics of Being - Assimina Simmons / Learning to read the other persons connection: Daniel Edgecombe interviewed - Sally Gardner

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