Writings on Dance

issue 24

The work of the work - Summer 2007/08

Artists from several generations of post-modern dance reflect on seminal values, practices and works in the context of changing conditions


'Small dance catastrophe - Trevor Patrick / Confessions of a Picky Eater - Lisa Kraus / Memory and Identity - Laurence Louppe / Translating from a Modern Language - Burt Supree / An art of fine dancing: interview with Tom Rawe and Jenny Way - Sally Gardner / Not dancing under modernism: Duncan and the postmoderns - Elizabeth Dempster / A Family Tree Story - Simone Forti / Moving words: improvising with Simone Forti - Alys Longley / Framing Practice: an interview with Ros Warby -Elizabeth Dempster & Sally Gardner

$20.00 plus


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