Writings on Dance

issue 25

Falling behind: politics and body states - Winter 2012

Image sequences from performance of Steve Paxton's 'Satisfyin Lover' Institute of Postcolonial Studies, Melbourne 2009.


Stills from video documentation by Michael Buckley (Strategic Media) / '10 Realisations made possible by acts of dancing' - Rebecca Hilton / Habit and Change: Discovering the present / An essay on the invention of time in Feldenkrais method: learning through movement, questions of temporality - Marie Bardet and Isabelle Ginot / How we walk, sit and stand - Mammad Aidani and Elizabeth Dempster / Para-dice Journeys - Patricia Hoffbauer / Dancing country two ways - Gretel Taylor / Trio A, Ranup Lampuan and Sovereignty - Sally Gardner / Cultural terror - Atlanta Eke

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